What We Do With Our Bodies

There has been a lot of talk lately about women’s bodies. OK, maybe not just lately, but a few topics that have recently caught my (and everyone else’s) attention. Leaking celebrity nude photos that were meant to be private Catcalling women on the street A celebrity mom doing a full frontal nude spread I’m not a fan read more »

A Total Scream

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, second only to Christmas. And my husband loves it too, so we get a little excited about it together. My work-appropriate costume (no one dresses up at my office) = Crazy Cat Lady. (So not really much of a costume for me.) Olive loves Halloween too Halloween Part One read more »

October Recap

Running: 30 miles Cycling: 24 miles Swimming: 3 miles I stopped logging my twice daily (usually) PT exercises. New Beers: 5 PT appointments: 2 Pairs of pasties purchased: 2 Ani Difranco concert attended: #5 Books read: 2 Halloween parties attended: 2 KNEE UPDATE: Right now I’m running 2-3 times per week, up to 3.5 miles at read more »

Such a Thrill

Friday night was my second burlesque performance. TL; DR – IT WAS AWESOME. It started last weekend when I signed up for a workshop at Studio L’amour to learn a routine to (a shortened version of) Thriller. Funnily (to me at least), I’ve performed to Thriller before, in high school on the dance team. This routine was read more »

All Over the Place

I don’t post as much in this blog anymore. There are a variety of reasons. I haven’t been running as much. The stuff I have been doing isn’t running-related, and while this is my blog and I can post whatever I want, it’s a running blog and I’m assuming most of my readers initially came read more »

Left to my own devices

Today was my third appointment with my sports med doc. Things seem to be going well enough that … I guess I’m done with my weekly PT appointments. Which is good, because I got another bill today from my PT which literally made me laugh out loud. Oy. And we still haven’t done a gait analysis. read more »

Chicago Marathon Illustrated Map from Cape Horn Illustration

TL;DR: Use code MAGMILE to save 10% in Cape Horn Illustration’s Etsy shop! Cape Horn Illustration is a husband and wife team based in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago. They use traditional illustration to honor the built environment: homes, neighborhoods, cities, and have worked on commissions for real estate firms, fine restaurants, breweries, and families. The name read more »

Cheer Report: Chicago Marathon

As you all know by now, instead of running the marathon today, I was a spectator. Or, rather, I was a cheerleader. I led the American Cancer Society’s cheer station just past mile 18 in Little Italy. While I was never actually a cheerleader, I was on the pom squad / dance team in high school, read more »

September Snapshot

Total Miles: 87 Running: 27 Cycling: 58 Swimming: 1 Walking: 1 Maybe my October goal should be to cover at least the distance of an Ironman for each sport? Over the course of the month. Total New-to-me Beers: 7 Total PT appointments: 5 Total short stories started at Erotica Writing Workshop: 8 I might develop read more »

I Did Not Run 20 Miles This Weekend

Like many of you, my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and DailyMile feeds were full of 20-mile runs this weekend. If you’re running the Chicago Marathon, last week was your peak week. Welcome to your taper. If you’ve been following along, you know that I’m registered for the Chicago Marathon. But I’ve been in physical therapy for read more »

Three Things Thursday

Last night I went to Don’t Fear Your Beer with the Windy City Blogger Collective at Lakeshore Beverage. We talked beer, tasted beer, had snacks. And in true Maggie fashion, I spilled my beer. On Erin. This is not the first time she has seen me spill booze. And this was after I spilled my beer on her. read more »

It’s That Time of Year Again

The days are getting shorter. If you work normal business hours, that means your runs are probably now happening in the dark, or at least, during dusk. (Or maybe I’ve been staying at the office later?) Time to start getting out the reflective gear! I’ve been pushing Relax Reflect gear for a few years now, and I’m read more »