Part of the 99% …

… of women who will not get pregnant thanks to reliable birth control. Alternate title: Why I chose to get an IUD Consider this your warning to stop reading if you don’t want to know about the current state of my uterus, or my history of birth control. I was going to do one long read more »

Five Things Friday

This is basically a mash-up of stuff I’ve posted to Tumblr recently. My thoughts in italics.   I’ve been thinking a lot lately about love, what it means to love, how we love, etc. So I’ve been collecting a lot of thoughts about love.  “But I see now that the story isn’t about us; it’s read more »

Currently: January 2015

State of Things: Things are great. Good things are happening at work. Home life is happy. I started burlesque classes again at Studio L’amour. But my knee is telling me I haven’t been keeping up with my PT exercises enough, so I need to work on that. Olive is doing well too: Books: I got halfway read more »

2015 Oscar Nomintions … Hmm, something’s missing

If you pay attention to such things, you may have heard that the 2015 Oscar Nominations were announced yesterday. If you pay attention to other such things, you have have noticed something about them. It’s a sausage fest. A white one at that. A weisswurst, if you will. I’m not the only one who noticed. read more »

Be Your Own Valentine benefitting No Stigmas

Mental health is very important to me. There are a few very important people in my life who suffer from depression or other mental health illnesses. I’m not just talking about the occasional blues, but clinically diagnosed depression. Sometimes a combination of medication plus in-person psychotherapy can help, sometimes that’s not enough, sometimes that comes read more »

How to survive winter in Chicago

Your mileage may vary. Don’t plan to get anywhere on time. Normally, I can leave my office at 5pm, hop on the bus, and get to CrossTown Fitness with 10-15 minutes to spare before the 5:30pm class. Not the case when it starts snowing at 2:30pm. I should have just walked the few extra blocks and read more »

Stop Hating on Resolutioners

So it’s January. Cue the “Resolutioners.” Cue the people complaining about them. Guess who is more annoying? We were all beginners once. Heck, I was a resolutioner. At the end of 2009, I decided to sign up for my first half marathon in 2010. I wasn’t consciously doing it as a resolution thing, it was just good read more »

Steak Chili Recipe

I threw this together yesterday and it didn’t suck, yay! The portions and ingredients are flexible. I often cook like my mother – dig through fridge, freezer, cabinets, and throw together something with what I have on hand. I’ll consult a few recipes online for some direction, but I usually kind of wing it. Steak Chili 2 read more »

Five Things Friday

1. Unofficial 2015 goal: Check out all of the coffee shops in Pilsen. I’ve already been to La Catrina, Efebinas, and Cafe Jumping Bean (for a sandwich though, not coffee). And bonus, Belli’s, a juice bar. So that leaves the new Bow Truss and Nitecap. And for funsies, various bakeries and cafes, and I think a second juice read more »

2015 Goals

  Happy new year! Hope you all had a good night! I’m getting over a sinus congestion thing, so we stayed in but dashed up to the “roof” deck at midnight to sort of not really see the Navy Pier fireworks behind the skyline. And some neighborhood fireworks. Anywho, first day of the year and all. read more »

2014 Goals Recap

2014 was a very interesting year, when it came to my personal life, which, is, uh, personal, but also when it came to running, due to a nagging knee “thing” that turned into pain that turned into $$$$ at physical therapy, but also a really nice ass due to all the glute-strengthening exercises. Anywho, I set read more »

Volunteering with the Arts & Business Council of Chicago

When I graduated from college, my dream job was to do PR/marketing for an arts organization, preferably something music-related, like a symphony, although a dance company would have been pretty sweet, too. But I discovered that those jobs are a bit competitive. They generally want someone with a legitimate background in that field (so, high read more »