Revolt Against Cancer was a success!

Thank you to everyone who came to Revolt Against Cancer last night at Revolution Brewery to support Anne‘s and my fundraising! The event was a success! We raised about $700, plus all of the virtual donations from folks who couldn’t attend. (PS – my donation page is here :) ) Cheers! Our awesome raffle looked pretty impressive read more »

I think we’re done here

So remember when I limped my way through the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon and then said “Hey! I finished! I’ll keep on marathon training!” Um … really? After writing that post, I did a lot of reflecting, and talking to my husband, my mom, my BFF coach and voice of reason on injuries, my BRF, read more »

How to Get Over Your Fear of Urban Cycling

I’ve been zipping around town on Divvy bikes for a few months now. (And have recently been reunited with my actual bike, and it feels so light in comparison.) I keep hearing over and over from other folks that they’d like to bike in Chicago … they’re just too scared to do so. Which I read more »

Giveaway: Be a Mag Mile Runner with me!

This year, Fleet Feet is moving their women’s half marathon and 5K to the Magnificent Mile. As soon as I heard there would be a race on the Mag Mile … that we would literally be Mag Mile Runners … I had to sign up. And two of you can join me! Fleet Feet is read more »

Race Report: Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago 2014

I think the Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon (4th year in a row!) is the only time in my adult life that I willingly go to bed before it’s totally dark and get up before it’s light. But it’s an excuse to try to get a picture of the beginnings of the sunrise. I wasn’t sure read more »

Virtual Raffle Against Cancer!

Note: The raffle has ended.  Proceeds support the American Cancer Society and Uniting Against Lung Cancer.  Special thanks to Erica, Zenaida, Amanda, Mo and Erin for donating many of the great items to this raffle!     Sproing Sport 12-Class Pack for – Value $240 – Donated by Sproing Sport Chicago   CrossTown Fitness 30-Day Membership - Value $180 – Donated by CrossTown read more »

I’m Losing My Mojo

I think I’m losing my running mojo. Sort of. So, the emo knee. Still emo. Predictably emo, at least. In that if I am not diligent about foam rolling & tennis balling, running won’t go well. And that was the story of this past weekend. I was lazy. I had time to roll & ball, read more »

Lady Gaga #artRAVE Art Pop Ball Chicago

On Friday night I got to cash in on my Christmas present from my husband … tickets to the Lady Gaga concert!! My bestie Genevieve joined me. I wore sequined panties hot pants, let’s pretend they’re hot pants over footless tights/dance capris. I figured if you can’t wear a silly outfit to Gaga, when can you? Gaga is read more »

Review: Po Campo’s Bike Share Bag

Back in May, I posted about Po Campo’s Kickstarter to launch their new Bike Share Bag. I already wanted the bag when it was going to be released, so I donated, and the project was funded, and recently, I received my bag. AND I LOVE IT! And I’m not the only one, I think the read more »

June in Review

This month I can actually pass for someone who is marathon training (note, this is duration of total time by day). Total running miles: 52.1Total biking miles: 37.4Total time working out: 23hr, 37min Total sports massages: 2 Approximate miles driven for Ragnar: 325 in 30 hours Oddest Saturday night/Sunday morning combo: Anything Goes Burlesque Show followed by mass with my read more »

Pretend to be a Soccer Fan

Now that football (REAL football … sorry, husband) is in the spotlight, thanks to the World Cup, I keep hearing comments like “I just don’t understand soccer.” Which baffles me, soccer is literally one of the most simple sports out there. But I understand, what they are saying is they don’t understand the rules and finer read more »

Training, June 23-29

Monday: Sproing Sports workout, then Divvy home (4.3mi) Tuesday: AM – CES Marathon Training workout – we did a Caterpillar Run (formerly known by it’s less PC name, Indian Run) – run in a straight line and the person in back sprints to the front, whoever is in front sets the pace. We had the read more »