Three Things Thursday

Last night I went to Don’t Fear Your Beer with the Windy City Blogger Collective at Lakeshore Beverage. We talked beer, tasted beer, had snacks. And in true Maggie fashion, I spilled my beer. On Erin. This is not the first time she has seen me spill booze. And this was after I spilled my beer on her. read more »

It’s That Time of Year Again

The days are getting shorter. If you work normal business hours, that means your runs are probably now happening in the dark, or at least, during dusk. (Or maybe I’ve been staying at the office later?) Time to start getting out the reflective gear! I’ve been pushing Relax Reflect gear for a few years now, and I’m read more »

Lap Swimming with the Chicago Park District

This isn’t sponsored or anything, it’s just a really great deal for Chicago residents.  Strolling through Palmisano Park after a swim at McGuane Park.  One of my requirements whenever I’m shopping for a gym membership is that the gym have a pool. I took swim lessons for years as a child (tot through teeenager), so logging read more »

Review: Victoria’s Secret Sport

I’m a member of Influenster, and recently they sent me a sports bra and running/fitness tights from the Victoria’s Secret Sport line. So, let’s take some gratuitous boob shots. This is their Incredible Bra. The tag said it offers “maximum support.” It also has a hidden underwire, which I’ve never had in a sports bra. I read more »

Giveaway: Cape Horn Illustration Marathon Maps

Cape Horn Illustration is a husband and wife team based in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago. They use traditional illustration to honor the built environment: homes, neighborhoods, cities, and have worked on commissions for real estate firms, fine restaurants, breweries, and families. The name “Cape Horn” represents exploration, navigation and achievement, the crossing currents of the read more »

August in Review

Total Running Miles: 0 Total Cycle Miles: 50 Total Swim Miles: 5 Total PT appointments: 5 Total Races: 1 Birthday: 32 Lollapalooza Hanging with my husband’s sisters This is the most I’ve swam since I spent my summers as a lifegurd & swim instructor. I even bought a new suit! (This is my old suit.) read more »

First “Run” Back!

Last night, my PT cleared me to start the “Return to Running” program. I had been doing pain-free powerwalking (30-50 minutes at a time). I was so excited to run that I didn’t mind getting up early today! Week 1 Day 1 of the R2R program was 6 sets of 4.5 minutes of walking and read more »

Race Report: Magnificent Mile 5K

Back in January, Fleet Feet announced exciting changes to their Women’s Half Marathon – the course would be moved to the Magnificent Mile, aka, the Mag Mile. Given the name of my blog, I signed as soon as registration opened. I would finally be able to live up to my blog name and be an read more »


Earlier in the year, I came across a post “30 Signs You’re In Your 30s.” It was cute, and I related to some of it, but many of the signs related to being a parent. Which I am not. Also, I have come to realize that my 30s (OK, the first couple years that I’ve survived) are pretty awesome. read more »

Olive’s Adoption Story

I don’t know if I ever shared this, and Kim just shared Data’s adoption story. AND, I realized this month is five years since I adopted Olive (or Ol, Ollie, Olliejandro). I always wanted a cat growing up. I love cats, and loved cuddling with my friends’ cats. But my mom hated cats, so I never got one. read more »

New Balance Girls’ Night Out

Thanks to everyone who came to Girls’ Night Out last night at the New Balance store in Lincoln Park! I think everyone had a blast! All Photo Booth shots from Me, Natali, Jennifer Lots of folks from the November Project were there. Group shot before everyone else headed out for the run & bootcamp read more »


As I said in my last post, running and exercises that put weight on my knee are off-limits. But I’m still Divvying (home from work) and last night I ellipticaled a 5K! I used some focused text messaging to power through and keep me distracted. By the way, it took 40 minutes. In case I read more »